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2024 Candidate Filing

Posted 01/08/24

Photo for 2024 Candidate Filing

Below you will find the current Candidates that have filed for office and their respective filing office.   This will be updated instantly, so refresh as needed.   To find a list of Federal and State offices, please visit the West Virginia Secretary of States Candidate Office.

Federal and State Candidate Filings


County Commission (Central District)

Name Party Address Date Filed
Kenny W. Mann Republican 5007 Hans Creek Rd, Greenville, WV  24945 01/08/2024
Kevin A. Mann Republican 4918 Greenville Road, Greenville, WV  24945 01/09/2024


Prosecuting Attorney

Name Party Address Date Filed
Justin St. Clair Democrat 155 White Oak Lake Rd, Peterstown, WV  24963 01/08/2024



Name Party Address Date Filed
Michael Heller Republican 107 Gunny Lane, Sinks Grove, WV  24976 01/08/2024
Scott Miller Republican 2146 Adair Road, Peterstown, WV  24963 01/12/2024



Name Party Address Date Filed
Sarah Martin Republican 1795 Benton G. Allen Rd, Union, WV  24983 01/08/2024



Name Party Address Date Filed
David O. Holz Democrat 693 Horse Run Rd, Greenville, WV  24945 01/24/2024


Magistrate (District 1) (Non-Partisan)

Name Date Filed
Kevin L. Miller 01/08/2024


Magistrate (District 2) (Non-Partisan)

Name Date Filed
Frank C Basile 01/08/2024


Conservation District Supervisor (Non-Partisan)

Name Address Date Filed
Carolyn Joy Miller 3555 Neff Orchard Road, Sinks Grove, WV  24945 01/26/2024


Board of Education (Non-Partisan)

Name District Address Date Filed
Scott Womack Central 137 Fullen Road, Union, WV  24983 01/08/2024
Sabrina Stutts Western 1205 Rich Creek Valley Rd, Peterstown, WV 24963 01/12/2024
Sally Wallace Central 93 Elm Street, Union, WV  24983 01/22/2024
William (Bill) Miller Western 656 Miller Farm Road, Peterstown, WV  24963 01/27/2024