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Here you will find available grants for the county.


Name of Grant:  2023 Non-Profit Security Grant
Type of Grant:  Security

Eligibility:  Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organizations (Such as, but not limited to Houses of Worship, non-governmental educational facilities, medical facilities, camps, senior centers, shelters/crisis centers, event venues, and community/social service organizations)

Maximum Annual Award:  Up to $150,000.00 per site.
Matching Funds Required:  None
Areas:  West Virginia
Allowable Projects:  

  • Access control systems
  • Alarms, Warning & Notification Systems
  • Security Cameras/CCTV
  • Fences/bollards/barriers
  • Security Screening Equipment
  • Security-enhanced doors and windows
  • Locks
  • Cybersecurity/technology to support infrastructure protection projects
  • Planning (development or revision of safety and security plans including evacuation)
  • Training (awareness, active assailant, first aid, and other similar trainings)
  • Practical Exercises (active shooter, bomb threat, etc.)
  • Limited usage of contract security personnel

2023 NSGP Preliminary Application Guidance


2023 NSGP Application Process