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Online Document Inquiry

Below are the simple instructions you will need to access documents online.
Enter the Last Name, then First Name (if known), then hit Enter.
Find the appropriate document that you are searching for. On the leftmost column there may be
Image in blue. If there is, click on that to view the image of the document. If the Blue Image is not there, this means the document has not been scanned.

To print you will need to set up a New Copy Account.   To do this, click on New Account beside of Log In.

Notice: Online Documents are indexed during the following Time Frames: 

Deeds, Power of Attorneys, Etc - Current till Early 1950's
Deeds of Trust, Releases, Assignments, Fidicuaries and all other documents - Current till July 1, 1999
To check documents prior to July 1, 1999 a visit to the Record Room will be required. There you will need to check the Hardback Indexes for the documents.

Access the Online Document Inquiry Here